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With over a decade of working within the Cyber Security and Security Cleared arena, Secure Source is uniquely placed to offer information on market conditions and trends at a high level.

Secure Source consultants are not reactive job site searchers, all of our consultants are formally trained head-hunters, well versed in all forms of search methodologies. By being proactive, Secure Source can identify candidates that have not instigated a search or are ‘off the radar’ to all other companies.

Executive Search

Secure Source believes in making the recruitment process a smooth one for all parties and treating people respectfully through out. We choose to work with the best clients and candidates and avoid the agency mantra of mass CV mailing and pushy behaviour.

Secure Source understands that the vast majority of strongest candidates that are employed, are not actively emailing their CV, or looking for opportunities and are concentrating on their current role. This is where our consultant’s credibility and market knowledge can really make a difference. By entering into direct dialogue and profiling the candidates on all key drivers, we are then able to ascertain whether there may be a match.

We offer the following Services:


Many of our clients want to prioritise their Search above others. By paying a percentage of the fee upfront, Secure Source can dedicate a research team to the role and have a shortlist of candidates within prompt, pre-agreed timescales.


When a client requires a more dedicated Search, many offer their roles exclusively to Secure Source, thereby making it a priority for our consultants. By giving us exclusivity, we are able to dedicate more research hours as we know that there is a commitment to hire.


Secure Source will take a complete job order, search our extensive databases and then speak with candidates that are working within the market and find the best for your company.

Multiple Hires

Sometimes you need to expand, fast! Secure Source has vast experience in building teams within tight timescales.

Professional Services

Secure Source is able to execute consultancy work on specific projects by assembling bespoke teams against a statement of work. This will be undertaken against project deliverables and timelines.

We are Cyber Essentials certified (we practice what we preach).

cyber-essentials-badge-small-72dpiWe are industry experts. Our recruiters have an average of over five years of experience within the Cyber Security and Security Cleared markets.

Our Managing Director, Dan Hathaway, has been working within Cyber Security recruitment for nearly two decades and all our consultants are given continuous training and allocated time to keep up to date with the marketplace.


Our Recruiters are trained in both Search & Recruitment as well as deep sector training within their niche markets within the Security cleared and Cyber arena.


We are committed to assisting Cyber Security talent grow. Secure Source is a founding member of CERIS (Confederation of Ethical Recruiters in Information Security).


We are passionate about lifting the standards within our market and signposting candidates to the right place for their career development.


We are true to our roots – TRUSTED ETHICAL DELIVERY. We don’t send a CV without a candidate’s permission and treat people with respect.

Delivering Real value to Client and Candidates

Secure Source believes that Clients should receive the candidates that they need and that candidates should only be presented to companies where there will be a fit.

This is achieved through working in a strategic manner, understanding the real desires of both parties and finding synergy. By genuinely serving both parties with deep underlying market knowledge, Secure Source can achieve a successful outcome for both parties within an accelerated timescale.


Over a decade of experience working with FTSE 100 institutions, Government Departments and List X companies. Exposure to the highest level of security cleared candidates. Our currency is confidentiality.


Unlike many other companies, we NEVER send a CV without the permission of the candidate and without talking through the company or role beforehand. Secure Source monitors its environmental impact and encourages recycling initiatives.


We deliver to both candidates and clients alike, often working to very demanding timescales to ensure delivery. We are not afraid of late nights and hard work to ensure timely delivery!