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Secure Source passionately believes that candidates are individuals, not numbers.

We really know our market and can give real world advice from years of experience in placing candidates within the Cyber Security and Security Cleared markets.


We never send your CV out to a client without your permission and we treat the information you share with us very sensitively.


Secure Source has cultivated relationships with many of the strongest IT security companies in the UK and many others globally. Our relationships don’t just begin and end at the company’s HR department; we are in regular dialogue with Partners, Directors, Line managers and Resourcing Staff in order to understand the real drivers of the business and where their needs really are.


We want to find out about your unique requirements. Secure Source will always endeavour to return calls and emails, pass on feedback and keep you fully appraised on the progress of any applications.

Secure Source realises that the best candidates are not always the ones that are actively looking for opportunities. By proactively communicating to the Information Security and Risk market, Secure Source is constantly aware of candidates aspirations and expectations and is best placed to discuss this when a role arises that may be of interest.

Secure Source diligently reviews and cross references EVERY CV received against all current roles and companies that we know may be a fit. There may not be an immediate opportunity that is right for you but we will contact you the moment there is.

I’m open to opportunities

I’m seeking advice


A boutique Security practice was looking for a Cyber Security Technical Director for its offices in Scotland.

They had struggled to attract candidates with the requisite skills and certifications and could not match some of the larger company’s salary packages.

After understanding the unique environment and culture, we were able to attract an excellent candidate within three weeks from a large company that was looking for a smaller company to lead.

We were approached by a global FS company to assist in building their Penetration Testing practice.

After meeting with them to understand their needs; we were selected from a host of other Search firms to build this from a Green field site.

A US Application Security company was looking to establish a footprint in London.

After listening to their requirements we placed many of their technical and management team across UK and Europe.

An online gaming company had been searching for a Cyber Threat Detection and Response specialist for three months and had yielded no candidates.

After briefing Secure Source, we identified a suitable candidate in Dubai that was looking for a role in Spain.

After successfully completing a technical test and arranging video interviews, the candidate was flown over to Barcelona and was offered the role. This was all completed within five weeks.